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Programming Languages for Ethical Hacking

Best Programming languages for Ethical Hacking

Today we will discuss Best Programming Languages for Hacking. Becoming a professional in Ethical hacking is not easy, but if you have great programming skills. Ethical hacking is not difficult for you. Because hacker is considered as a great programmer. Now I will guide you about some great programming languages that are necessary for Ethical hacking.


Best Programming languages for Ethical Hacking

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML was developed by physicist Tim Berbers-Lee in 1980. HTML is used for developing websites. This means HTML is responsible for displaying content on a webpage. Content can be anything like if you want to display a text on a website or image. You can do this with HTML.

If you are struggling to become a Web developer or Hacker. HTML should be your first choice to learn. Because websites are growing rapidly and their security is a difficult task. By learning HTML you can make your own website. Because sometimes as a hacker you are able to test website security. So, your first is to see the HTML source code of that website. If you have a complete understanding of HTML. You can better understand website structure and find its weaknesses.


Best Programming languages for Ethical Hacking

JavaScript is a client-side language that is able to run in the browser. It also runs on the server with Node. JavaScript is considered as a language of HTML and Web. This means it can change the HTML content of a webpage.

As an Ethical Hacker mastering JavaScript is very important for you. Because sometimes in web application penetrating testing, you want to extract some data from the website. Yes, this is right. You can extract data from a website with JavaScript.


Best Programming languages for Ethical Hacking

PHP is a server-side scripting language running on the server which is stands for Hypertext Pre-processor. We can embed PHP code in HTML language. Mostly web servers use PHP as their default language. Because so it’s great functionality. Today, PHP is among the most well-known languages used for web development. In the current day, it’s more difficult to call sites that have never been developed by PHP programmers in contrast to it is to call websites which have.

Learning PHP can boost your Ethical hacking skills. Because PHP can be integrated with databases like Postgresql, MySQL. You can make PHP backdoors to hack a website and make it persistence for later use. You can also extract or gather data from a website with PHP.

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Best Programming languages for Ethical Hacking

Python is an interpreted general-purpose programming language. Because it doesn’t need to be compiled. You can integrate it will programming languages like C, C++, and Java. Python may be used for programming that can be valuable and is effective and fast in contrast to other programming languages. Python is also used for web programming. YouTube in developed in python.

In ethical hacking Python is the main language because it is easy to understand. Python can be used to create Ethical hacking tools and scripts. If you master Python, Ethical hacking is very easy for you. An example of python in Ethical hacking is that you can do a dictionary attack with python.


Now you have a complete understanding of Best Programming languages to learn for Ethical hacking. Keep that thing your mind hacking is incomplete without programming. Becoming a professional in hacking is very difficult because it requires knowledge of anything related to the internet or computer.

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