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Top 10 Ethical Hacking Tools Used In 2019

Today we will discuss the top 10 hacking tools used in 2019 because everybody these days have problems in their lives so they can solve their problems by using these tools. These can be installed on windows and can be used easily. We have collected these tools based on their usage in industry, success rata if using and I also tested these tools in my Ethical Hacking career. Here I will show how you can use these tools to complete your pentest. This will include tools like Metasploit, Nmap, Nessus, Hydra, Burpsuite, etc.

These tools are used in Ethical Hacking. Please don’t use these for illegal purposes. Lets Start:


top 10 ethical hacking tools used in 2019

Metasploit is an open-source framework that is written in Ruby. This can be used in Ethical Hacking for various purposes like testing exploits, performing scanning both vulnerability and network, post-exploitation. It is also pre-installed in most Linux Operating Systems like Kali Linux etc.

Metasploit framework is based on modules, exploits, auxiliary, encoders, payloads, posts and nops.


top 10 ethical hacking tools used in 2019

Burpsuite is a modern-day web application penetration testing framework which is written in java programming. It has both free and pro versions.

With burp suite penetration testing on web applications becomes easy.

With burp suite, you can scan a website for discovering content, finding vulnerabilities and exploitation. This means you can intercept requests and responses from a website server to check for vulnerabilities and verifying vulnerabilities. You can download Burpsuite from Here.


top 10 ethical hacking tools used in 2019

Nmap(Network Mapper) is an open-source tool, available in most Linux OS, people use it for network discovery and security auditing tools. Nmap is used by the system or network administrators to manage their networks. This means if you are a network administrator and you want to check which system is online, you can use Nmap to do this. You can also detect OS and services running on a network with this popular tool. It is a pre-installed tool in most Linux Operating Systems.

Nmap has a great option called NSE(Nmap Scripting Engine) which extends the functionality of the Nmap tool. This means you can use a specific script from Nmap to detect vulnerabilities, do banner grabbing, etc. Nmap is also available in GUI which can be downloaded from here.

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It is the graphical interface of the Nmap tool. If you love to use GUI then you can select this. You can download zenmap from Here.


It is another great tool that can be used to generate packets with Nmap and perform analysis of packets.


top 10 ethical hacking tools used in 2019

Wireshark is known as a packet capturing tool, which makes is most popular among security evangelists. You an analyze packets with it, which is helpful in fining network-level problems. It can be used to optimize network performance. I have used Wireshark so this is an amazing tool that is the way I have added this tool in this top 10 ethical hacking tools used in 2019 list. It is also available in windows and Linux OS which can be downloaded from Here.

In penetration testing, if your task is to check network packets, then Wireshark is a very good choice for you. It can be used Wireshark for troubleshooting. People like network administrators can use Wireshark to find vulnerabilities in networks.


Nessus is an open-source vulnerability scanning tool that is used to perform vulnerability scans in our penetration testing life cycle. You can find services on a network with Nessus.

Nessus can find DoS(Denial of service) vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, unauthorized access to sensitive data, database vulnerabilities and web applications.

Nessus is available for Microsoft Windows – XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, 2012, 7, and 8, Linux/Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, SuSE, Ubuntu, Solaris, Mac, which can be downloaded from Here.


top 10 ethical hacking tools used in 2019

kismet is a great tool available in most Linux OS. It can be used for network detection, packet-sniffing, and IDS(Intrusion Detection System). When we open kismet then we see, kismet is based on two modules: kismet_server and kismet_client.


When we select kismet_server from its interface then it will work as capturer, logger and wireless network decoder.


When we select kistmet_client it will detect networks, their statistics, and information about networks.

John the Ripper

top 10 ethical hacking tools used in 2019

John the ripper is a powerful password cracking tool which is written in C programming language. John the ripper can automatically understand which type of encryption is used in a hash which is a great functionality. You can generate wordlists with john the ripper, performing brute force attacks, cracking encrypted password hashes.

So, you can download it for Windows and Linux. In most Linux OS it is pre-installed but in Windows, you have to install it manually. You can download it from Here.


top 10 ethical hacking tools used in 2019

Nikto is an open-source web scanner that can be used to perform various tasks in our penetration testing life cycle. According to nikto website, it performs 6000 test against a website. Using nikto to finding web server misconfigurations, software and default files, and server with outdated versions is common.

After scanning it can import scan results to HTML, XML, CSV, and NBE. Guessing subdomain with nikto is very helpful during the pentest. You can download nikto from Here.


top 10 ethical hacking tools used in 2019

Maltego is an open-source threat assessment software, you can use it for data mining and discovery. It is also called an information-gathering tool. With maltego, you can gather information about a person. It will place the information in a graph from which you can help you to discover and gather information. You can download maltego from Here.

A great feature is that it can be used to analyze the relationship between domains, networks and internet infrastructure with online services such as social networks.

THC Hydra

top 10 ethical hacking tools used in 2019

Hydra is a great tool, people use it to brute force online services such as Http, FTP, SMTP, which can be used to brute force online services. Hydra is based on a dictionary attack. This means if you want to brute force with hydra you have username or username file that contains usernames and password file that contains passwords. We are disgusting the top 10 ethical hacking tools used in 2019.

If you find a website during your pentest that works on Http and have a login page then you can use hydra to brute force this website. You will find it in most Linux OS because it is pre-installed.


So, we have discussed the top 10 ethical hacking tools. Like, Metasploit, Hydra, Nessus, Nmap, Kismet, Burpsuite, Wireshark. There are lots of tools we can use to do a complete pentest. But every ethical hacker has to know about these tools according to their needs in a pentest.

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